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Mass 12

Homily or Sermon

The first sermon is recorded in the Acts2:14-40, preached within a few days after Christ's ascension.  It was addressed to men and women, many of whom knew Jesus Christ, had heard about his life, about his works, about his death, his miracles and teachings.  It was Peter, who had denied that he had ever knew Christ, now restored and forgiven by Christ (John21), humble but bold, tells the people why they should listen to the testimony of the believers.  His confidence came from the Holy Spirit, who made a powerful and dynamic speaker.  He gives witness to the power of God working in their midst. 

The words homily and sermon are often used interchangeably, but there is a slight difference between the two.  A homily is a commentary delivered by a priest or deacon after the reading of Scripture.  The message of the homily shows how wonderfully God acted throughout the history of mankind, and how to make practical application to the spiritual life.  A sermon is speech or discourse on religion or morals.  A type of religious instruction, a lecture on one's conduct or duty, an exhortation or reproof.

The preacher has an awesome task, but he also carries a great responsibility.  A homily should sharpen our quest for Christ.  A humble request....

Please pray for bishops, priests and deacons who are preaching, asking God to send the Holy Spirit upon them so that through the communtary on the Scripture we will be moved to a more profound and intimate relationship with God.


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