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The Gospel of John has four appearances of the Risen Jesus, and one of them is read on Mercy Sunday (20-19-31). The appearance occurs in Jerusalem, where the disciples locked themselves in a room, fearful of authorities. Jesus appears and bestows on them the Holy Spirit, and what Jesus does is very powerful. We would do well to pay attention to it for the lesson is that our mission as Christians is the same as his Father’s in sending him! “As the Father has sent me, so I send you,” he tells his disciples (John 20:21). This sentence places a great deal of responsibility on us as Christians; our role in this world is to continue Jesus’ mission! Christ’s mission and our mission are the wishes of our heavenly Father!


There is the story of Thomas, as one of the Twelve, Thomas was not present when Jesus appeared having separated himself from the Group. When the other disciples tell him about their experience, he refuses to believe, saying’ “I will never believe it without probing the nail prints in his hands….(John 20:24). The Gospel does not tell us why he left the Twelve, giving us some freedom to wonder about his decision. It does not say why he returned either. The fact is that Thomas was not in the room when Jesus appeared, that he separated himself for unknown reasons from them. When he returned, Jesus singles him out and offered himself to him to finally dismiss all doubts that Thomas had ‘ “Take your finger and examine my hands…(John 20:27)


When I read the story from John it brought a vivid picture to my mind: our current situation. Our churches are empty for many Sundays and weekdays. We were separated from the Church, the Body of Christ. We know the reason for separation: COVID-19 and social distancing.


Now is the time to seek the opportunity to be in Jesus company again. He let us touch Him, examine his wounds, He will never abandon us because he commissioned us to continue his mission here on earth. He needs out hands to do his work and legs to run his errands. Like the Father, who sent Him, He is sending us; “So do not be afraid little flock. For it gives your Father great happiness to give you the Kingdom.” (Luke 12:32).


Let us celebrate the Eucharist together.


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