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From Feast to Fast

Though the shortest month of the year, February is rich in Liturgical activity. It contains a feast (Presentation of our Lord) that bridges two other seasons (Christmas and Easter)! In addition, the faithful may receive in February three of the four major public sacramentals that the Church confers during the liturgical year: blessed candles and the blessing of throats and blessed ashes.

The Solemnity of the Presentation of the Lord on February 2nd harkens back to the Christmas mystery of Light except that now, Christ, the helpless babe, is “the Light of Revelation to the Gentiles who will save his people from their sins.” Candles, symbolizing Christ our Light, will be carried in procession this day, as will be the Paschal candle during the Easter Vigil Liturgy.

"The Light of Revelation" shines more brightly with each successive Sunday of Ordinary Time, until its magnificence–exposing our sinfulness and need for conversion–propels us into the penitential Season of Lent. We prepare to accept the cross of blessed ashes on Ash Wednesday (February 22) and plunge ourselves into anticipating the major exercises of Lent–fasting, prayer, almsgiving–laying our thoughts and prayers on the heart of our Mother Mary. She, who offered her Son in the temple and on the Cross, will teach us how to deny ourselves, take up our cross daily, and follow after her Son.



Season of Lent is a season of prayer and repentance

During Lent, Mass in Hanover will be celebrated on Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. followed by the Stations of the Cross. Opportunity for the Sacrament of Reconciliation will be before( or after if needed) the Masses on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

In Elizabeth the Sacrament of Reconciliation will be before ( or after if needed) Masses on Wednesday morning and then from 5:00-5:50 p.m. during the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and Friday. Stations of the Cross will be celebrated on Friday at 5:00 p.m.

Pastor Message and Prayer

March 26th

Secrets from the afterlife

Read John: Chapter 11, verses 1-57

This Lazarus, brother of Mary and Martha (verse 1) and a dear friend of Jesus (verse 5), is not mentioned anywhere else in the New Testament outside of John 11-12. But he certainly is the most famous of all those who have been raised from the dead by Jesus. The Gospel does not offer us any words from him, either before or after he was raised from the dead. Too bad, for we would have liked him to answer some of our questions about the afterlife: How was the passage form death to life? Was it a bolt of light or a cloud of darkness? Was he afraid or relived? Did he care about his loved ones?

There are all legitimate questions, but we will never get Lazarus back on his feet to give us all the answers. Yet, Lazarus‘ sisters speak on our behalf in this narrative. The fear, the grief, and the hope they express about the death of a loved one and about the afterlife anticipate our own. Their appeal to Jesus (verse 3) reminds us of the importance of always keeping hope alive, no matter what, Ultimately, their belief in the resurrection of the dead “ on the last day”(verse 24), and Martha’s unequivocal profession of faith in Jesus ‘being the resurrection and the life,” call for equal trust on Jesus on our part.

Jesus himself is moved and weeps over the death of a friend He loves (verses 35-36) to the point of being “greatly disturbed.” There cannot be anything wrong then in grieving the loss of our loved ones. Yet, Jesus’ cry “with a loud voice,” ‘Lazarus, come out!’”(verses 43) is Jesus’ proclamation of His own faith in the Father( verses 41-42) as well as in the victory of life over death. Starter question: What are my fears and hopes about the afterlife? Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, you have shown grief over the death of your friend Lazarus and compassion over the grief of Mary and Martha, strengthen our faith in everlasting life.


Fr. Joachim






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