The Church of St. Mary, followers of Christ, are inspired by our Catholic Faith to brough the Eucharist, Prayer, and Education, as the family of God, and with one another, we desire to live our faith in the world.


St. Mary's Church Elizabeth, IL

Pastor Message and Prayer


Who is God?


"God called to him out of the bush, 'Moses, Moses'''

                                                                       Exodus 3:4

     The story of Moses encountering God at the burning bush that is not consumed by fire is filled with symbolism.  Just as fire is a multivalent symbol - it gives heat and light and can be used for cooking and melting metals - so too the mystery of God is multivalent.  Ultimately God cannot be consumed, thus the bush does not burn up.  In addition, to be in the presence of God is to be on holy ground.  It must be felt with bare feet that God gave Moses at creation.  Moses hears his name uttered by God and responds immediately with a request of God; "What is your name?"

     The name God reveals to Moses is YHWH.  Appearing over 6,0000 time in the Bible it is the most important of God's names.  It means "I am who I am."  The name YHWH is both and enigma and revelation; it simultaneously safeuards the freedom of God 'to be" in accordance with God's nature and is a guarantee to be present according to the divine promise. 

     God's name reveals certain things about God.  First, God promises to be present in the world with Israelites, God's people.  That promise stands, for it has the weight of God's word beind it. Second, God's presence maybe counted on, through its manner is unpredictable.  God will be present as God wills, no directed by humankind's history, religion, or sacred texts.  

     Since Moses represents the entire community before God, the community's identity is bound up in God's identity. For the community believes and proclaims that God is a God of people, past ancestors, the current generation, and all future generations.

     Are you ever truly owestuck by the mystery of God?

Prayer Starter: Loving God, help my love for you to never burn out.  

                         Help me to continue to call upon your name?


Fr. Joachim








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