The Church of St. Mary, followers of Christ, are inspired by our Catholic Faith to build on our traditions through the Eucharist, Prayer, and Education, as the family of God, and with one another, we desire to live our faith in the world.


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 Family Faith Formation



The Family Faith Formation for 2021-2022 focuses on the program “Finding God: Our Response to God’s Gifts.”   This at-home catechesis model includes monthly family sessions and supports parents teaching at home using the provided materials and resources.   This faith formation program combines parish-based group meetings and grade-specific instruction by catechists with at-home sessions guided by parents or supporting adults.  The youth—from K-12th—meet twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Sunday's from 6pm to 7:45 in the Parish Hall.  The second Sunday includes the parents/supporting adults and the 4th Sunday is youth only.

 “Finding God” is unique in it's flexibility to support busy families as they grow in their faith!  If you are interested, or know of others that might be, please contact Cheryl Rife @ [email protected] or 815-990-8618.





Pastor Message and Prayer


A plan of recovery


    So that is where we have been and are again.   After many months of wearing masks, social distancing, pews being disinfected, being away from the actual church gathering, we find ourselves once more in a difficult position of building community within the restrictions that are necessary for our well-being.  It is not easy for us who want to worship in the presence of the Christ and his Church to wear masks again and practice social distancing.  These practices, however, are very important and they don’t take our freedom away from us.   While we each have our own opinions and feelings about the Bishop’s instruction on mask wearing, this direction helps us be together and to stay safe.  Instead of framing this guidance around the question of our freedom, let us focus on how we have been asked to take care of our neighbor and ourselves.  It is SIGN of love that I have for you and myself.


    There are visible disparities of the effects of the CVID-10: some have paid a terrible price, some have escaped without suffering, harm, or injury.  However, there are no two situations entirely alike.  That is the result of the pandemic.  Almost every parish in the country is facing the challenge of fewer people in the pews.  The rebuilding is very challenging.  With the new regulations, should we be preparing for success or failure?  Will our people come back?  How many?  When? What is the future of our faith communities?


    The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy of Vatican II is very clear: our Mass is the most sacred act of human life and the highest act of worship.  It gathers together those who have gone before us and all who will come after us, together with Jesus Christ.  It makes us partners with God, and it offers food for our souls.  It is the source from which the grace is poured upon us.  It is that place to which we go for reconciliation and peace, and where we reach communion with God and one another.  It is so central for us, that we should never miss an opportunity to participate in the Liturgy, to be enriched by its effects. 


    I ask that you please follow the instructions our Bishop has issued.   For some wearing masks again will be therapeutic, for some it will be comforting, and for some it will spark frustration.  But this simple act is the key to our being able to remain together in prayer and worship.  Let us do everything we can to stay united and let love win.


Fr. Joachim




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