October 2021 archive of The Mass (2)

October 2021 archive of The Mass (2)

Mass 8

Posted by Nancy Dudack on 10/24/21


Liturgy of the Word

St. Justin (c. 100-165), an early Christian philosopher, wrote about the Mass: “For as long as there is time, the Memoirs of the Apostles or the writings of the prophets are read. Then, when the reader has finished, the presider verbally gives a warning ... Read More »

Mass 7

Posted by Nancy Dudack on 10/20/21

Let us pray

Many of us remember the invitation to the prayer in Latin, when the presiding priest called upon everyone present at Mass, saying "OREMUS."  Its was an invitation to make this prayer our own.  The "OREMUS" can be translated to "let us ask."  Let us ask together ... Read More »

Mass 6

Posted by Nancy Dudack on 10/12/21

    Glory to God in the highest   This prayer is an ancient hymn of praise to the Trinity during the introductory rites of the Mass.  It follows the Penitential Rite.  The first part of the hymn was sung by the "armies of heaven"  at the birth of ... Read More »


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