September 2021 archive of The Mass (2)

September 2021 archive of The Mass (2)

Mass 5

Posted by Nancy Dudack on 9/30/21

Penitential Rite

In the Gospel of Luke (18:10-14), Jesus told the parable of two men, who prayed in the Temple: one very religious, felt he was perfect; the other who stood at a distance, fearing God, who declared himself a sinner. Jesus praised the second man’s prayer.

The Mass ... Read More »

Be aware of God's presence

Posted by Nancy Dudack on 9/26/21

When you enter the church be aware of God’s presence. Near the door, on the wall, you will find a font of holy water. Sometimes it is a baptismal font that is located right as you enter the church. They both remind us of our baptismal origins. It was ... Read More »

Mass Part 4

Posted by Nancy Dudack on 9/10/21

Sept 12


The Catechism of the Catholic Church defines Mass in this way: “The Eucharist is the heart and the summit of the Church’s life, for in it Christ associates His Church and all its members with His sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving offered once and for all ... Read More »

The Mass 1

Posted by Nancy Dudack on 9/09/21

The Mass part 1


Understanding the celebration of the Eucharist—the Mass, will help us in our participation on Sunday (or weekday) in this most wonderful source of God’s grace that Jesus made possible at the Last Supper.

Long before Jesus, Isaiah offered this powerful invitation: “Is anyone thirsty? ... Read More »


Posted by Nancy Dudack on 9/01/21


You remember the Emmaus Road story from Luke’s Gospel (Luke 24:13-33)?

Two of Jesus’ disciples are walking on the road and Jesus joins them, their minds flooded with so many different thoughts and engaged in discussion so that they don’t recognize him. The Stranger asks about the topic ... Read More »


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